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71430-20 WinLab 20-Slide Rack, LS-20, ea:
NY013001 Nylon Membrane Filters, 0.1 Micron, 300mm x 3000mm, 1/Pk:
ORA 2AB Réfractomètre analogique masse (w/w) 0-50%/50-80% - Ref ORA 2AB:
9017-120-008-9 Pagoda® Loader for Labcon Pagoda® Pipet Tip Refills, with Refill of Graduated Tips, 9017-120-008-9:
200500-01 MF5 Series Magnetic Filter Funnel with Lid Kit, 500mL, 47mm, 1/Pk:
TP-10Fitting:PolypropyleneTP-10& Sac tedlar 10L (boite de 10):
402901 Welding hood Evermatic Evolve: Variations - ADF V913 DS, ADC
1215288 Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.2µm, 47mm, 100/Pk - 1215288: