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Donation de masques aux hôpitaux - Linkman Group (High Rock LTD)

Donation de masques aux hôpitaux - Linkman Group (High Rock LTD)

In this period of international crisis, the entire team of Linkman Group (High Rock LTD) has mobilized and made a strong and common decision to contribute to the protection of the health care personnel of this beautiful island of Malta by providing free protective masks.

Thus, the initiative of Linkman Group (High Rock LTD) was to contact the Mater Dei Hospital and the Saint James Hospital in order to offer each of them 2000 protective masks at no cost to them, i.e. a total of 4000 masks.

Through this donation, Linkman Group (High Rock LTD) hopes both to participate, on its own scale, in the security and sustainability of the island of Malta, but also hopes to open the doors to further donations from other companies, so that all mobilize in these difficult times and actively participate in the protection of Malta, all together.

And it is by explaining this initiative and the reasons behind it that DHL Malta came forward and decided to participate by taking 100% of the transportation of these products at their expense while Linkman Group (High Rock LTD) bore the full cost of the protective masks and the accompanying customs charges.

As far as High Rock LTD is concerned and in order to make a brief presentation, we will say that it is a purchasing group specialized in the field of laboratory and medical products through its brand Linkman Group. It was therefore with this strong will to participate in the support of the nursing staff of our hospitals that Linkman Group (High Rock LTD), composed mainly of French people but also including some Maltese, offered these 4000 protective masks to local hospitals.

You can find a URL link to our protective masks in our medical products section on the Linkman Group website owned by High Rock LTD.

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Mater Dei Hospital is a general and teaching hospital for AIDS care. It is a public hospital affiliated to the University of Malta, which provides hospital and specialist services. The hospital opened its doors on 29th June 2007, replacing St. Luke's Hospital. It is a 250,000 square metre complex with 825 beds and 25 operating theatres.


As for St James Capua Hospital, or Saint James Hospital Sliema, it opened in 1996 under the name Capua Palace Hospital. In 2002, it was taken over by the Saint James Hospital Group and became a private hospital offering a very wide range of services. It occupies part of the old "Capua Palace" building which was built more than 200 years ago.

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