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Linkman Group. L'utilisation de nos masques et nos recommandations concernant le COVID-19

Linkman Group. L'utilisation de nos masques et nos recommandations concernant le COVID-19

Linkman Group and COVID-19: Frequently asked questions we receive from healthcare professionals


In response to many requests, Linkman Group has taken the initiative to publish this article outlining the majority of the questions we have received about our respiratory products.

How do we use them? When should they be used? How to maintain them?

We try to provide as many answers as possible so that you can all feel confident and safe when wearing our breathing products.

Please note, however, that if internal or infection control/safety departments recommend measures or procedures that differ from those mentioned below, they must be followed.


1. Should I choose to wear a half mask or a full mask?

Both solutions are viable, both in terms of respiratory and disease protection. Note, however, that your choice will have to be guided by the requirements of your profession.

A doctor or nurse will tend to wear a half mask with eye protection, whereas a surgeon will generally be more inclined to wear a full mask.

If in doubt, ask your health care provider or infection control department.



2. How long do full face masks and filters last?

Our full face masks are designed to be "long lasting", we recommend that you use them for 5 years.

For filters, HSE recommendations indicate that they should be left in service for 3 months or until they become clogged or damaged.

The information given below is based on a user who maintains the filters properly and breathes with an average of 40 hours per week. Note also that the longevity of the filters will also depend on other factors such as the level of contamination present or the breathing rate of the user.

3. Do I have to take an aptitude test before wearing your masks?

We will always recommend having a fitness test carried out by an accredited person. Please note that this is mandated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).


4. What type of filter should I use to protect myself against COVID-19?

Generally speaking, our P3 R filters are the most commonly used for this purpose. However, all of our filters can be used in combination with a P3 R element. For example, this can be useful if, in addition to COVD-19, you need to protect yourself against potentially dangerous vapours.

5. Do the half masks and full face masks in your range filter the air on exhalation (which would mean that it would protect others if the user had VID-19)?

Like most reusable airtight respirators, the air is filtered only on inspiration. This means that only the user is protected.


6. How long can we wear your masks and half masks during an intervention?

Our masks are designed to be worn for long periods of time. That said, some people may find this difficult, especially when they are not used to it. Our recommendations are in line with those of the HSE, we recommend taking a short break, ideally every hour.


7. What is the best way to effectively clean your masks, half masks and filters?

There are different solutions, you can clean your masks with a 10% bleach solution, products based on alcohol at 60% or more, products based on hypochlorous acid or hydrogen peroxide solutions which will allow effective disinfection.

You can choose to clean your breathing apparatus by wiping it dry or by dipping it directly into the solution and rinsing it with water, this will not damage the mask.

NOTE: Filters should not be immersed in the solution as this will damage them. Also, when cleaning your mask with the filters in place, take care that the solution does not get inside.

Also, be sure to wait until everything is completely dry before using your mask.


8. Do I need to disinfect Linkman Group masks and filters every day?

We recommend disinfection at the end of each service or more often depending on your function (e.g. if you are in contact with patients who are vulnerable or COVID-19 positive).

Please note, however, that the final decision rests with your health and safety department.

9. Can I wear your masks during AGPs (aerosol-generating procedures)?

Absolutely, our half masks as well as our full face masks are relevant during PGAs, you will find the recommended method of disinfection in answer to question N°7.

Although our filters are designed to prevent fluid from bypassing the cover and depositing on the inner filter, this can sometimes happen.

Your health and safety department may, for example, advise you to change the filters more often or discard them as appropriate.

However, if bacterial substances have infiltrated the inner filter, we recommend that you change it.


10. Where should I store your masks and filters in order to maximise their lifetime and ensure my safety?

The ideal is to store our respirators and filters in polyethylene bags closed with a zip fastener and accompanied by a bag of silica gel for example (or another desiccant).

If this is not possible, store the masks in a clean place where there is no risk of contamination.


11. Is it useful to have more than one pair of filters per mask at the same time?

It depends on your function. If you wear the mask every day for long periods of time, the ideal is to use three pairs of filters to be used in rotation during your week.

In this way, the first filter used will be stored on the following days in a polyethylene bag as indicated in the previous answer, which will eradicate all COVID-19 contaminants (only if the storage bag is zippered and contains a desiccant).

In any case, it is necessary to disinfect your products before storing them.

If you only have one pair of filters, this may be sufficient if they are properly disinfected after each use.


12. Can your Portacount adapters be disinfected in the same way as masks and filters?

Absolutely, you will find the cleaning procedure in answer to question 7. Please note, however, that these are adapters that should be handled with great care.

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The Linkman Group team is always available if you have any further questions or if you would like to speak to one of our representatives.

Please contact us on +356 77105385 or send an email to:

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